Love Is Beautiful

You attract me.

Kinda the way magnets come together without reason.

Its just how you deliberately ARE you

Through every era,

Every season…

The way you think-

The way you talk-

The way you smile.

Down to how you breathe…

Everything about you, inside, outside, above and beneath…

Its not just enough to behold the magnitude of your beauty. I cant just stand by passively, I want to be a part of it–


I want to be the reason your eyes light with elation

I want be guilty of why your skin glows with love

Let me be your flame, let me illuminate your being

Let me inspire your aesthetic or at-least a part thereof…

Cause maybe

I cant be your all, maybe you dont see in me what I see in you

But every-time our eyes meet, the reflection reveals who

Its my love that you adorn and you’re wearing it so well.

That smile, that look, its never been hard to tell.

You and I look amazing together, because Im giving you life…

We look amazing together cause you’re giving me life…

We look amazing together

Because love…

Is beautiful.


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