Love is Selfless

I’m not afraid to love you.

Im just not.

Even if its not reciprocal.

I wont be distraught.

Love is for the bold,

for the strong of heart.

An individual who needs reciprocity will often feel torn apart…

Love doesn’t come from a place of fear.

Where rejection

is 4 words

you fail to hear

I love you too…

now who is that for?

Its a scripted response–something you cant ignore.

Fail to play your role and you’ll see whats in store:

Nothing but pain.

Nothing but individuals who are incapable of giving love with an open hand.

How can you truly love when you expect something in return? How can you love…

when you don’t understand–


And still, though you are equipped faultily with your desire to love and be loved–

I am not afraid to confess, profess and express your endearment to me.

Ill be more than happy, If I can show you how

To love selflessly.


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