When insecurity lives inside of you it doesn’t just go away

it festers and blooms, it prepares to stay

Not an achievement, nor a truth

can cure the erasure of self

Insecurity is a perversion and its onslaught won’t be shelved

regardless of reality,  perception reigns supreme

the idea of who you are…the lack of your esteem

you can’t shake insecurity…it seeps into your being.



You try anyway.


You wonder:

Does everyone else pretend?

Does everyone else know?

Are you the only one who can’t get their shit together?


Or are they putting on a show?


It’s really quite irrelevant.

It doesn’t affect your plight.

Why bother with these questions

That provide little to no insight?

Why compare yourself to strangers

Who know nothing about your life?

Why continue to feed your insecurity

And augment your inner strife?

The point is to question, the point is to doubt

The point, I guess is to feign greatness while internally you shout

internally you suffer, individual and alone

but as a mass our tears fill an ocean and we drown singularly like a sinking stone…

Maybe they don’t have it figured out, maybe you do

Perhaps they’re going through the motions, perhaps they’re lost too

But failing to express your struggle…

That doesn’t help anyone.

That doesn’t help you.




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